It’s the end of Summer, although it doesn’t feel like it. But officially it is, this weekend. So I thought I’d walk you down memory lane with the genius eye of Aussie snapper legend Rennie Ellis. When I think of growing up in Melbourne, trips to the beach and a first glimpse of the blue line on the horizon, getting brain-freezes sucking the colour out of a Samboy, and hoping for a gold ticket, dodging the march flies, copping bindies from a lawn sprint, the smell of reef oil and zinc, sand in your cup, deep and reckless tanning on a plastic li-lo, jumping backwards off shoulders and into the foam and getting water up your nose, board shorts with a money pouch at the front to spend at the shop, waiting in line at the beachside general store, staring up at the pouting chiko roll girl astride a harley, or trying to avoid the revolving rack of paperbacks with the picture of Jaws on the front cover, failing at that, and thinking twice about going back in, even between the flags…I think of the fabulous images of Rennie Ellis. Here are just a few, slices of a time and place for the larrakin flavour of the aussie vernacular - sunburnt, carefree, and democratically irreverent. Hail Maestro.
Enjoy xo HS